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Majin Vegeta

Majin Planet of the Future

Man I have to say, if you’re still checking out Majin Planet today, I’m sure you’ve been rubbing your head for the last month just wondering what the heck has been going on around here. Let me tell you something, I have a host of stuff I need to talk about and all of its boring site news, updates and overall direction Majin Planet is taking for the rest of 2015 and hopefully beyond. Basically if this sort of stuff is boring to you, then be sure to check out some of our older content, such as Dragon Ball content, Marvel Comics and our Music Videos. That being said, let’s get to the nuts and bolts of the changes.

Majin Planet’s Future

In a nut shell here is a list of some of the changes

  • No more Sidebars full of boring content
  • No more advertising banners, including Google or any other affiliate partner or banner.
  • Simple is more!
  • More White space!
  • More of what you care about, great content.
  • Focus on content pages.
  • Simple structured layout, less categories and better linking system.
  • Faster load times!
  • More focus on projects that matter!
  • Focus the discussion to social media, the forums, etc No more comment system.

Many of these changes came across from a simple idea that just maybe, the site was just coming full of bloat that honestly you as a reader likely don’t care about. The biggest change I think everyone will notice is the lack of the sidebar. I’ve gone full dark theme before and honestly I think it fits the website perfectly with the darker colors. I did have a white color code, some of you might have seen it, I settled on the dark color code.

No Advertising?

You might be asking, I’ve talked about on the live stream and on Twitter about going full-time with my website. This is something I still want to do, I still would like to make a living doing what I really enjoy doing, creating content for this website, talking about gaming, movies, TV, web design, heck you name it. I enjoy making Hearthstone and Warcraft videos and I’d hope to be making them for years to come.

So the question becomes without advertising on Majin Planet, how would I make that dream come true? Well there are other ways to make money, one nice thing I’m going to focus on is member only content, something that I can offer to you for free and sell. I’d rather create a project and sell it than having ads, such as my Webmaster Toolkit I’m currently offering. There is also affiliate links of products I can promote by creating content vs just having a button or some ad space hoping you or someone clicks and then buys it.

YouTube and Twitch.TV both show advertising by default no matter what my status is with them or how I set it up. It’s gonna be there, Twitch has a $4.99 monthly sub which as a streamer I’d get some of it every time someone subscribes to my content there. I believe once you get I want to say it’s 1,000 subscribers you get access to paid membership content and you get paid base on views of ads that are shown on you live streams and past videos, etc. YouTube does this already and those features I have right now.

It comes down to this, if you love my content, watch my YouTube videos, come join me when I stream, watch the past streams that are up, share, like, subscribe my content. You don’t have to spend any more. If you’d like to donate to me, you can do it that way or you can do the paid subscriptions that are open to me. Yes, there is the old donate button, which you can donate to me at but remember that 100% of any money donate to me by PayPal I’m giving to charity. I haven’t figured out which ones yet.

No Comments?

You might noticed that all the comments are gone, there isn’t even a box anymore to comment, so you might wonder why you’d even both to join the blog if you can’t comment. The fact is, for the last 4 years that I’ve taken blogging more serious the comments I get have not be something to shake a stick at. Honestly, when I feel I write a really good post and I see after a week no comments, I question if readers can comment or not. I spend so much time making sure you can comment and doing things to get people to comment that I forgot the whole point, was to write content!

It also looks like the website is more dead, if you wanna comment on something I write, start a discussion, take it to YouTube, if it’s a video or on Twitter is the best place. By the way did you know I have a community called The Asylum? Sort of a dead bird right now, but in time… in time. I just feel that not having comments at all I can no worry about them.

Rest of the Boat

I didn’t want to spend the whole night writing about every change I wanted to make, the changes I have made and the site repairs that I need to make. This includes reuploading broken images, spell and grammar checking older content, redoing colors and layout. And creating new content for you, like I’ve talked about on Twitter, I’m gonna write a Gold Guide for Warcraft and I’m also going to write a free ebook about Majin Planet.

Overall, I feel that with the new focus I’ve taken the website, removing all the extra bloat that isn’t needed by removing a sidebar, like seriously I feel the website looks 100 times better now. True is, I want you to read the posts before I send you to another ones or something crazy like that. So take this all with what you want, but things are going to get more active and more about making a great website again. If there is a subject you want me to touch on, Twitter is your friend, I generally try to be on there everyday talking with fans and supports as well as friends. I’m slowly getting into using Facebook more and Google+ is linked to YouTube.

For the future, I’m going to hopefully tomorrow night stream all night long, likely gonna play Hearthstone and talk with fans, working on the website tonight was a big taking and I still have some major work to be done before I end off to bed for the day. I want to thank you if you’ve made it this far, it shows me you really care about Majin Planet and support me. Thank you, please link, share this on any social media you traffic, questions you can contact me or hit me up on social media.

Until Next time.


Summer Time Blues

Summer time has come and this is the time of the year, June and July when things around here slow down, for some of you this is a blessing due to the updates Majin Planet has had over the last few months. For me the summer time is always an issue. I work a little more due to more people being out and about, meaning more hours for me to get and then family always wants to go out and do things as well. I enjoy going outside these days, going for walks, taking trips, etc. This makes it very hard to really write content, play games and make videos.

This year however, I’m going to try to balance my life between this website and my everyday life. I might not focus so much on playing videos as much and focus more on content writing, such as reviews, etc. This summer I’m going to be watching Dragon Ball Super. I was planning on watching Digimon Adventure Tri this summer as it was a rumor to be a new series following the first two seasons, Digimon Adventure 1 and 2. However it’s been revealed that Digimon Adventure Tri isn’t going to be an anime series but a film broken into 6 parts, the first being released on November 21st 2015. Still however looking forward to it all,

Dragon Ball SuperDragon Ball Super will be released starting July 5th 2015, so I still have a good month away before it starts to air and I can tell you one thing, I’m thrilled and I’ll be focused on doing weekly reviews on each episode as they come out. So look forward to a whole lot of Dragon Ball content coming this summer. I’m also thinking of doing a full re watch of the series starting with Dragon Ball. We’ll see however if I have that kind of time.

While it might seem the summer is going to have so much to offer in terms of gaming, anime, movies, and awesome events myself personally am just limited to what I can really cover on my own. As I said, Dragon Ball Super, then Hearthstone is having a new Brawler mode and I’m going to guess another set will be released near the end of the summer. Which just means more cards to buy and new decks to build. I’ve been playing around with some deck ideas and I’m hoping to share them all with everyone soon.

Then of all things there is Heroes of the Storm which was released not too long ago, and I need to start leveling so I can jump into ranking and just play that. With all of this going on, I think it’s just come to past that my days in World of Warcraft are numbered. I’ve enjoy playing, this isn’t a sort of officially retiring or anything like I’ve said a number of times before. I can always come back if something cool comes out but right now in Warlords there isn’t anything really for me to do anymore.

That being said, I’m still trying to make this website a full-time job, I have support from my family now, and with another big project I’m working on slowly I’m hoping by the start of next year to be able to drop down in hours for my job and focus more here. I’ll need to be able to have insurance with another company as well as if I drop down to part-time with my job I wont have insurance anymore.

Aside from all of that, I had a week ago decided it was time to clean out some of the junk from the media library so it’s been a process in redoing all the images for the website. There is a butt load of older posts from Hunter Mastery that has broken images all over. As such it’ll likely take me the whole summer to redo all the pages with new images to meet the new theme and to make some changes to the theme that I simply dislike. It’ll be one long summer I can tell you that, I just wish I could spend more of it doing things I enjoy and not working so much.

Until next time everyone, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time.


Unrivaled Wars Reborn

Hey everyone, today is sort of a strange subject that some of you reading this might sort of over look and say whatever too. Anyways some of you might be aware and some of you might not be aware, but back from 2002 to about 2008 I use to role play online. For a long while it was Star Wars, as some of you might know I’m a big Star Wars fan. After work today I was talking with a buddy of mine from work about things and we got on the subject of Role Playing and he was talking to me about a few things. It got me thinking and we talked a bit about what I use to do on my old website I used to own; Sith Masters and then later Unrivaled Both of which I no longer own the domain for.

I thought I’d share some stuff with you today, back in 2008 I made some trailers for the storyline we we’re doing on my websites, these are mock trailers, the secnes are suppose to match what the characters everyone was playing to look like. Sadly I don’t recall what everyone was, but I can tell you that my character was Iron Man/Venom and my one good friend was Batman. That being said, I was watching them again a bit ago, and I haven’t watched them in for ages.

Thankfully I uploaded them to YouTube back in 2010 as I no longer have the raw videos. Below I’ll post them, do enjoy them, they aren’t the best and you might think they suck but you know back then we all had fun and it was in the spirit of role playing and just having a good time. Enjoy.

Unrivaled Wars: Onslaught Trailer #1


This above trailer is by far the best of the best, I really liked how it came out and it’s amazing it came out so well to be honest looking back. You can see the rest of them by going to the YouTube Channel here. If you have any comments go ahead and leave them here or on the videos themselves.

Web Design

Genesis Framework isn’t for Everyone

I’ve been using Genesis for a really long time now, about going on a year and I can say Genesis Framework isn’t for everyone. Now I do have a few good points on why you should use Genesis Framework and I want to point out some major flaws, some it pricing points, while some good are features. So let’s get started with the good things about Genesis Framework. If you have a question about that a Framework is compared to WordPress, the simple answer is, a Framework is a theme or core code that you use as a base, creating child themes that use the core code without fear of updating and losing your work. Like most themes, when you install a theme, you edit parts of it, remove, etc so it looks and feels like your own, but once you update it, all those changes are gone. With a Framework, you don’t have to worry about this.

Genesis Framework The Good

First off, Genesis Framework is full of features, you can pretty much do anything with the right theme. There is a list of content out there for you to read and learn how to use Genesis Framework to get the look and feel you wish for. Sometimes however having too much can be a bad thing as I’ll admit that for someone who doesn’t know much about coding might have issues but Genesis Framework in a way like most Frameworks are designed so you don’t need to know any HTML Coding or PHP coding. In fact the prime ideas is to be able to install the theme and make it look and feel how you’d like it to look. This becomes a major pro for the Framework, even if you know basic or even advance PHP and HTML it can be a time saver.

Some of the other good features are the themes are more advance so they have a better overall look and feel to them. This can be really good when shopping for your first theme or even something new. One thing that I’ve always been a big believer in, that if you’re serious about your website then it should look different from any other website, having it looked sort of like another website or even directly like another website using the same theme is always a bad thing. There are a few reasons why, but that’s for another discussion.

All of this can make the framework very good for someone who doesn’t know how to code their own theme, it allows you some control over making the theme stand out compare to the default look. Any theme not just Frameworks are made. I’d say the biggest draw for Genesis Framework besides the features is just simply it works right out of the box, the setting are rather easy to get use too and once you have everything installed and setup, you can focus on what is truly important, the content, which is always the number one rule: Content is King.

The Bad

As I was talking about before, there is many aspects of Genesis that are good and honest I’d still be using it if not for some these facts. The first major factor is price, if you’re someone like me who works full-time and runs a website, not even counting live streaming, YouTube and other projects taking the time to create or make changes to a theme or building your own can take too much time. Like I said before, a Framework is supposed to streamline this, you install Genesis and then either create a child theme yourself and build the website using the many hooks which then you can control with the basic settles or use plugins to change parts of the theme.

If you’re not able to build a new theme, you then must get a theme that you like and honestly there aren’t too many good themes out there for free. Honestly most of them are pure crap compared to professional themes and what you can do with a layout. I found to get the result I needed with zero coding require, which met I could control everything from the dashboard itself require the following plugins.

  • Display Featured Image for Genesis by Robin Cornett
  • Genesis Simple Edits by Nathan Rice
  • Genesis Extender by The Cobalt Apps Team
  • Genesis Responsive Slider by StudioPress

As you might be thinking, that’s not a whole lot of plugins. However if you take into account, you’re going to have some SEO plugins, gallery plugins, social media, etc. I had well over 50 plugins installed here on Majin Planet. After switching to a non-genesis theme, one with most of the controls I needed in the theme itself I drop down to near 35 plugins and even more so once I finish all the updating of posts and pages that need to be done. I will say about having so many plugins, it can really slow a site down.

The thing is, to install Genesis, have a great theme and have all the features you need, your cost is going to be well over $150. The Framework itself is about $59.95 bucks now. If you’re not making your own and not using a free one, then you have to buy a theme. A simple theme with good features like say Author Pro cost $99,95 the good thing here is your buying the themes from Studio Press directly all their themes come with Genesis so you’re gonna save, vs if you buy the Framework and go else where for a theme, you’ll pay more. Then if you really want some control over your theme, you need the Genesis Extender Plugin which if you’re using it just for one website, it’ll cost you $49.00. If you’re like I use to be and had more than one website and if you need the plugin for each website, legally you need to buy it, for either three websites or unlimited and this is a yearly cost I believe if you want updates. As this prices only gets you 1 year of support and updates. You do get 50% off as of right now after the next year and it does require you to renew.

I know price might come across as a big deal and for some websites owners price is everything. When you factor in the price for hosting, domain costs and if you advertise at all, a plugin and theme costs can really cost you. Granted if you’re able to hire someone to build a theme for you using Genesis, that’ll cost you well over $1,000 or more so the price of the Framework and the Extender plugin isn’t a big deal. The other plugins are free with some of them I believe having a pro version.

Final Thoughts

Myself I was lucky enough to have Genesis donated to me by a fan years ago and I was able to use the Genesis Extender for free for helping someone out. I came to a point where I felt it was time to buy them for myself but when I looked at all the pricing points and costs I simply couldn’t do it when I could buy a theme for less with nearly all those features. As I said I’ve cut down my plugin use now as a result.

So before you buy a Framework, a theme or plugin take into account what your needs are, everyone’s is different it turns of needs. If you have money to toss it’s not a bad idea but think of the load on your server, if you’re using share hosting the more plugins you have the worst it cane get if you start getting traffic as share hosting will crash under you. If you’re not using Shared but cloud or something else then you really don’t have to worry. If you take anything from this, that when choosing a theme think about what you need and what you don’t need. One of the biggest boats that I feel Genesis has is the SEO options which can be disabled and not used but the fact they are there creates bloat given I already have a SEO plugin.

So what are you using? Have you used Genesis Framework before? Are you planing on using Genesis Framework in the future for a project? What are you’re thoughts, overall I say that Genesis Framework is an amazing theme and worth the price even if you free themes. The Extender plugin isn’t needed if you know how to code, as you can create a theme with the features you need, plugins just make it easier. Leave me a comment down below and don’t forget to share this post with your friends. All and all it just goes to show that not everyone should be using Genesis as price, features and bloat can all be factors if it’s right for you or not.


Website Errors

So I was doing some testing on my new design earlier today, trying out some new plugins and something went wrong and the whole site crashed giving me a whole lot of errors. Given today I’ve been super busy I haven’t had enough time to really focus on the website, so for those of you who came by looking for content, very sorry about that. I’ve gotten the website back up at about 80%, everything works but some of the plugins I was using has caused issues with each other I guess after an update.

The truth is, I was using nearly 50 plugins which I’m sure slows the site down big time, and to be honest some of the plugins are just bloat that I don’t need. I’ve been working on building a new website design but doing so on a demo version of the site, that is offline. Hopefully I’ll be able to stream line what plugins I need and what I really don’t need. Once I figure out what I really need I can go about and do a system wide reformat of every post and page, that will take some time, as you might guess there is well over 500 posts and well over 10 pages on Majin Planet.

I’m also thinking about what sort of theme framework I’m using. Honestly I like the framework I’m using, but to get the result I need and like it requires me to have more plugins installed to get those features, this is something that again adds bloat because there are other ways to the results by going another route, such as not using a framework theme. That being said, again very sorry for the downtime the last few days.

Last thing, I’m aware of some content that has come out, news or what not about some things I’d like to cover, but until I get this resolves it makes it hard to write said content. I might try to do some drafts at work tonight on my breaks.

Be sure to share and comment down below if you have any questions, and until next time everyone, keep being evil.